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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

35 Millimeters of pure amazement

A local movie theater is doing weekly screenings of movie classics (Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Goonies, Ghostbusters, to name a few) and I decided to take a trip down to check out the latest showing of Raiders. I had heard about it in my Film Studies class and I asked my professor whether he knew they were going to be screened in 35mm or not. He said they would all be prints, but I was skeptical.

I had been in situations where I was expecting a screening of a print but was sad to see that it was nothing more than a copy of the film on DVD. Having this happen to me several times I was a bit cynical to the whole deal. They wouldn't really take the time to order prints of these films, would they? I still bought my ticket hoping for the best.

The night of the showing finally came and my level of excitement really hadn't peaked quite yet. The unsureness of the method of screening probably more than any other reason prevented me from attaining that level.

As I sat there in my cushy seats the spaces around me slowly began to fill up more and more. In addition to myself two of my friends Ian and Thomas joined me to see this classic film. Finally the dreaded "Inside Look" concluded and the house lights came up. I wasn't too surprised by this, I figured there would be some sort of prize giveaway or trivia question to be asked by the most expert Indiana Jones fans in attendance, and this situation was no exception.  The prizes were given out and before the manager turned out the light once more he mentioned something about how the PRINT of the last film, "The Goonies", was a little rough but that this one should be in better shape.