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Monday, March 22, 2010

From D.C with love...

Hey there!

I have been having a great time for the past couple of days enjoying my spring break in our nations capitol!

Expect a pretty good sized pictorial in a few days showing some of the highlights!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Take it away!

This has made my weekend.

Spring Shattering

Hey everyone,

Finals Week is almost upon me and my fellow WWU peers and that can mean only one thing...

No one is getting any sleep.

In addition to the obvious that also means that Spring Break is right around the corner!

I am really looking forward to this one because for the first time ever I am actually going somewhere and/or doing something exciting for Spring Break: going to DC!  Washington, that is.

I am borrowing my friend's Canon Rebel SLR camera for the trip so I will make sure that the it is well documented.

Look forward to (hopefully) daily posts about my adventures as I explore our nations capital!

I will end today's post with a video that I did recently for the that VTV show I work on every once and a while.
Hope you enjoy it!